About Company

Excellent Customer Service!

Our history is an American Tale where the unique American society gift of equal opportunity for all was exemplified. Cody and Cecily Byrom started a Residential lot clearing / cleaning company, Triple C Construction in 1998. Through hard work and a willingness to take risk, they grew into a reputable business with large contractors within a couple years.

In 2004, after years of trash service that could not meet the high standard set by Triple C, the Byrom's decided to branch out and created River City Waste. At the same time, upon request from existing customers, they started River City Excavation and Coring. As minority female owned business the companies flourished. In 2006 after a long relationship with HEB, through the construction companies, another venture was added, River City Compactor / Baler Maintenance. Keeping in mind that quality faithful service was the hall mark of their business the business grew at a steady rate, keeping quality high and within the company's abilities.

In 2016 River City Waste with sold, opening up greater opportunity for Triple C, River City Excavation and River City Maintenance. The future is again an opportunity for growth. We look forward to new business and expanding our footprint while maintaining our quality. How about you call or email our company and let us work for you as we expand our American dream.